What is Gravity?

Gravity - our current model has a problem
It is interesting to observe how a (dog, cat, squirrel) can glance for only a moment
at part of a parabola created by a thrown object, then immediately move itself to almost
the exact point that the object will intersect the spot where the animal can catch it.
This is an astounding mental feat, indeed.

Yet that same (dog, cat, squirrel) can look at the front page of any newspaper,
and have no idea whatsoever the meaning of the abstract patterns on the paper.

I have devoted a third of my adult life trying to form a mental model that explains
what Einstein called: "the mysterious force that works at a distance".
I feel like the dog trying to read the newspaper.
As far as gravity is concerned,
   [1] Is it that our human brains don't have the power to comprehend gravity?
   [2] Is it that we haven't developed a mental model that explains gravity?

My hypothesis is that gravity is the fundamental "basement" of science,
where the speed of light, waves and particles do not apply.
In this model, what we now call "mass" may not be "mass" at all.
To solve gravity, then, would require a re-definition of what we call "mass".
This doesn't fit models we need in our brains to visualize gravity.

In my hypothesis, when energy packets gain enough energy to reach a frequency
of about just over 6 TeraHertz, they somehow "fold over themselves" and break away
into discrete quanta that can exist as what we call "mass".
These quanta of varying "starting energy" then arrange themselves by net charge
to become building blocks like electrons, protons and neutrons.
As such, they can then form atoms, which then have net charges, that group to form "mass".

However, when the quanta "folded over themselves" they entered into a new realm
of existence where our current human thinking models don't work or explain.
Perhaps the "folding over" process locks in a tiny, permanent error in the net charge in it's being.
This tiny error, small but important, might somehow be a common bond that can be felt at a distance by other like items.

In my hypothesis, then, gravity itself could be a "sum of errors", created by this "folding over" process.

Yet the "mass" goes happily about it's business...
without a care about whether humans understand it's inner workings or not.
Planets rotate around Suns, ignorant of the fact that they are mocking all of us.

NOTE: Written by Val Patterson ("Rocky Patterson") Oct 18, 2008