The Smarting Up of America

Americans are now Smarter, because of:

The Internet. Simply the best application of technology yet.
This is the brain tool that America needed to slow our 'Dumbing' rate.
Information, Education, Product Research and Entertainment is all rolled up
together inside this very powerful communication medium.
The Internet has become the 'Great Equalizer' that enables small and
large companies to compete at the same level.
Best of all, it is very affordable. Imagine what would have happened
if the Internet would have been owned by AT&T or Microsoft.
One Amazing Footnote: Monday, Jan 21, 2002: As I was casually typing these very words,
I glanced over at my Web Server Log and noticed that a person from Baltimore had
already accessed what I had written only seconds before! That is Amazing to me.

Credit Cards, when used wisely.
Here is a simple test --- Which type of person are you?
1 - You get a new card, charge up to the limit, then pay the minimum payment for years.
2 - You get a new card, then pay outstanding balances every month.
If you are type 2, congratulations. You are smarter because of Credit Cards.
Credit Cards are also a great way to record where your money was spent.
Carrying large amounts of cash is not smart, wise use of Credit Cards is smart.

Google Book Search - A leap forward for all mankind. One of Google's best products.
They have spent a vast amount of time and effort to scan great library volumes
and make them available on the web. I believe this project is about the most noble
effort made by any group of people on the internet.
You can now research great University Library collections. Absolutely great work!
Google Book Search

Reusable Cloth Shopping Bags
What a great idea! Bravo!

Bio Degradable Packing Peanuts
Another great idea!

The Hubble Space Telescope. This American Science Project has made us all
smarter by improving our collective long distance vision. The better we can see
things, the better we understand things. In Feb 2002, Hubble gets a new camera
that is 10x more sensitive. Many 'photographs' required poor Hubble to train for
up to 18 hours on a single target. This is very slow when a lot of scientists are
waiting for years for their own slice of 'Hubble Time'.
The Cost: Divide the $2 Billion cost of Hubble by 280 Million Americans, the result
is $7.14 per person. (Note: One B-2 Bomber costs the same as One Hubble)
Also Note: Interest (per year) on our National Debt: $350 Billion ($1250 per person) Wow!

Online Purchasing. Before the Internet, we called it 'Mail Order', and still do
to a limited degree. Small to Medium ticket items are often found cheaper on the Internet
than at your local retail outlets. You can also find things on the Internet that you would
never find locally. As a general rule, you will get more personalized treatment doing business
with a smaller Internet company than a larger one.
The big question is: Do I Pay for Shipping on the Net, or Sales Tax in my home state?
Think first about buying anything heavy that may need to be returned later.
Smart people know that using a Credit Card over the Internet is safe, because you should
always check your Credit Card statement every month. It is very simple to dispute a charge.
As an Internet Merchant myself, the worst thing that can happen is a customer chargeback.
Any Merchant that abuses a Credit Card number faces swift and sure termination.
You are not liable for unauthorized charges on any Credit Card purchase, period.

HD DVR's, High Definition Digital Video Recorders.
You never have to watch a commercial again. Since commercials make you dumb,
you can be a little less dumb by using this wonderful device.
Soon, they will have larger disk drives inside - that will be even better.

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